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Sleepzone comes to you from Real Innerspring Technologies Pvt. Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of spring mattresses in India. We are in mattress industry for decades having intensive international and national exposure about ins and outs of this category.

Each Sleepzone mattress is a unique combination of science, comfort and aesthetics. They are made on high-end imported computerized machinery using the richest raw materials for high quality end products ensuring extra support or right firmness needed to your body for undisturbed sleep and better health.

We spend about one third of our lives on our beds, but we hardly give a thought to the kind of surface we rest on every night. A little more thought should be given to the mattress we sleep on.

One of the greatest myths about sleep is that the harder the sleeping surfaces the better, but that is only fictitious. In research, it has been found that if a person maintains proper spinal alignment when sleeping he/she will be more comfortable. One doesn’t have to move much during sleeping, the muscles will be fully relaxed and at last a better night’s sleep resulting in a fresh and active morning.

This brochure is one of the pioneering efforts of the company in creating awareness amongst its customers on the selection and use of mattresses,/b>. Read on to discover why every Sleepzone mattress comes to you with the promise of a good night's sleep, night after night.

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