Europedic Memory Back to Homes Products

The Eurotop mattress by Sleepzone is called EUROPEDIC which is specially designed for ultimate comfort and luxury, creatinga "sleepzone on a cloud" feeling. Europedic's upper layer of comfort upholstery is joined to the mattress, tailored meticulously by Sleepzone Craftman Providing a more expansive sleeping surface with no crowing, eliminating a sensation of roll off.

Memory Foam:
Europedic topper layer is made of high quality material for varying comfort levels that provides ultimate luxury like memory From which is No.1 and most popular high end luxurious sleep surface in the comfort industry.

Developed by the NASA engineers and now adopted by top foam makers, Memory foam has high capability to take shape of your body with its ultra slow recovery property which makes you feel 'Heavenly'

Mattresses for hotels

Sleepzone is providing mattresses for hotels for many years. Contact us for best mattresses for hotels
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