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The Eurotop mattress by Sleepzone is called EUROPEDIC which is specially designed for ultimate comfort and luxury, creating a "sleeping on a cloud" feeling Europedic's upper layer of comfort upholstery is joined to the mattress tailored meticulously by Sleepzone Craftman providing a more expansive sleeping surface with no crowing, eleminating a sensation of roll off.

Organic Latex: Europedic topper layer is made of high quality material for varing comfort levels that provides ultimae luxury like Organic Latex that is 100% Naturally extracted and made from Rubber trees licated in North East part of India. The cell sructure of latex distribues your body weight evenly and eliminates the peak pressure points that cause restless nights. The aerated latex allows you to sleep cool and Comfortable. this latex is purely organic with high softness index which makes it super luxurious sleeping suface.

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