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Sleepzone Orthotech: Sleepzone presents Non-Spring of comfort product in combination with a industry popular firm foam material named 'Rebounded' and Softy and Memory foam makes an Orthotexh. It is medically advised for people looking for a firm surface and want to enjoy luxury without buying a spring mattress. That makes Orthotech a "ONE SIDE HARD AND ONE SIDE SOFT" mattress, that bring flexibility ot the customer ot opt for their sleeping surface ie. Soft or Hard. It comes with two options of softer side ie. Softy Foam and Memory Foam

Softy: A bounded foam mattresss with Soft Top. Imported AmeticanKnitted Fabrics with Foam Qualiting. One side Firm another sode Soft, Body contouring Mattress

Memory: This is a premium range of Bounded foam mattress with a top layer of Memory foam. Comes with luxurios Soft knitted Quilted cover, fipable. Memory Foam which is No. 1 and most popular high end luxurious sleep surface in the comfort industry. Developed by the NASA engineers and now adopted by top foam makers, Memory foam has high capability to take shape of your body with its ultra slow recovery property which makes you feel 'Heavenly'.
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